September 5, 2021
Coup Attempt in Guinea
September 6, 2021

Coup Attempt in Guinea

September 5th 2021

After heavy gunfire soldiers claim to have overthrown the 83-year-old President of Guinea, Alpha Condé, dissolving the government and constitution. Almost a year ago Condé won a controversial third term. Accusations of corruption, mismanagement and harassment of the opposition have eroded Condé’s popularity. He was shown accompanied by soldiers who had overthrown him. His whereabouts are unclear.

Despite mineral resources, poverty and corruption and clampdowns on opposition have taken a toll on a country used to strong-arm government from independence to the present day. The coup plotters claim to have shut its borders and dissolved government institutions, but the defence ministry claims to have repelled the takeover despite the capture of Condé.

A World Cup Qualification match between Guinea and Morocco scheduled for tomorrow is unlikely to be played. Both teams stayed in their hotels and did not train today.

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